A full display of some of our kitchen renovations over the past several years. From simple kitchen islands to large renovations involving new cabinetry and floors.

High-quality materials, professional installation, and creative design ideas that fit your family – contact us to find out how to love your kitchen

There are so many factors that come into play for a kitchen renovation in Victoria. Are you changing the kitchen’s layout or just updating the cabinets and appliances? Is the existing electrical service up to code for the new kitchen? Are you adding new lights, new plumbing, new flooring, new heating, or anything else? The good news is when you work with MAC Renovations, we’ll give you a full timeline of the project so you know when we’ll be working on it and when we’ll be done.  

We strive to have the ideal balance between design, budget, and plan for all of the home renovation projects we take on. Each home — and homeowner — is different, so each project is unique. A modern farmhouse kitchen in an Oak Bay home from the 1940s might require considerably more strategy than a cottage kitchen in a Gordon Head rancher. The age of the home and size are important parts of the budget equation, but so are hazardous materials, finishes, and appliances. We’ll work with you to determine the right investment for your kitchen, then build a plan to make it all happen.  

Our professional design team will work with you to identify your wants and needs for your kitchen renovation in Victoria, and then we’ll create a plan to ensure your new kitchen has a place for all of the gadgets and tools that you use to make delicious and beautiful meals for your family and friends.  

Under-counter microwaves are a great way to free up counter space, and wide and deep self-closing drawers are the perfect spot for pots, pans, dishes, and plates — keeping them nearby when you need them but out of sight when you don’t.  


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