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We’re a full-service renovation team, which means that we work with you from start to finish on your project, coordinating the trades, taking out permits, organizing suppliers, and the rest of the pieces required to complete your project on time and on budget. We take the stress out of your renovation by choosing the right people and using the right tools. A few years ago, we invested in BuilderTrend, a software solution that enables us to manage every step of your renovation while giving you the ability to monitor the project at anytime, from anywhere.

Mission Control

BuilderTrend is an all-in-one communication centre that enables us to digitally track and manage your home renovation. We chose BuilderTrend because it’s the #1 software for builders and remodelers, it’s cloud-based and accessible on pretty much every device, and it’s easy to use – even if you’re 88 years old.

Scheduled for Success

Margaret Cormode, one of the Project Managers at MAC Renovations, explains, “the calendar is probably the feature used most by homeowners. It lets them know what is planned for each day, who should be on the job site at any particular time, and how long we estimate each task to take. Some homeowners watch this regularly, while others like to look in to see the project take form in phases.”

Easy to Use

We recently taught one of our clients how to use BuilderTrend – and she’s 88 years old. While her project hasn’t started yet, her plan is to pour herself a cup of coffee and then review the day’s planned activities on her iPad. She’s excited to use the software and can’t wait to enjoy her new space.

Monitoring from Maui

While it’s not an option for everyone, some of our clients make plans to be away from their home for the duration of their renovation. With BuilderTrend, you can see what’s happening on your project through the regular progression photos we post to your account. Our project managers take pictures whenever they’re on site: overseeing different trades, confirming materials, and making sure everything is being completed the way you and your designer envisioned it.

“When I’m designing a home renovation, I use BuilderTrend to check on the project when I can’t get to the job site,” shared Alexis Solomon, an Interior Designer at MAC Renovations. “The project managers are on site more often, and they’ll post pictures of the different parts of the project. Before we started using it, I’d drive 30 – 45 minutes to a job site to check on something that might take ten minutes. With BuilderTrend, I can check the pictures posted by the project managers and know immediately whether the design is on track or needs attention.”

Change Orders

During the project, there might be times where the plans change mid-course. This could be due to a new aspect you’d like us to incorporate into the build, or we may have discovered some fancy DIY-work that requires a bit more attention than anticipated. You’d be amazed at what we find when we start opening walls.

Changes are easy for you to review and approve, and itemized on the final invoice, so there are no surprises for anyone.

Retrievable Records

An important function of the BuilderTrend platform is the ability to archive the projects when they’re completed. While Ed has a memory like a steel trap – it’s scary how well he can recall details, sometimes years after the project was completed – it’s useful to have a digital record of everything that happened on a job site. We enter everything that might be relevant, such as pictures, vendors, contractors, material lists, notes, and even the weather.

Vikki Bochon, a MAC Renovations Project Coordinator, said, “we recently had a former client call in to find out who made the windows we installed for him a few years ago. One of the handles had broken off. He couldn’t open the window without it, and didn’t know who to contact for a replacement. We were able to bring up the project details for his renovation, including the window manufacturer, and confirmed that this issue was covered under his warranty, which was a nice surprise for him.”

Whether you’re planning a home renovation to age in place, update a kitchen, or add a suite, give us a call so we can share the systems and processes we’ve perfected to earn our reputation as a contractor you can trust.

Smart Designs + Strong Communications = Great Projects

At the start of your project, you’ll be given your username and password for your own BuilderTrend account. Just click on the [Client Login Area] at the top of the screen, enter your credentials, and you’re in. BuilderTrend is just one of the many tools we use to build excellence for the homeowners of Victoria.

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