What is a Full-Service Remodeler?


One of the reasons for our reputation as the most trusted renovation company in Victoria is the approach we use on every project – we’re with you through every phase of your renovation. When you choose MAC Renovations, you get the full benefit of our entire team. Decades of experience, education, and enthusiasm working on full-home renovations and one-room remodeling, and everything in between.

A full-service remodeling team is a smart way to reduce stress and financial risk on a renovation project in Greater Victoria. It’s a defined, refined, and outlined process that is not open-ended. We know when everything will take place, how long it will take, and who is responsible. This process allows our clients to plan around their renovation: you can check BuilderTrend to see what’s scheduled for each day and plan around it.

What is a Full-Service Remodeler? | MAC Renovations - Victoria's Trusted Renovation Team

Success Through Processes

We’ve designed and refined our processes to ensure your home renovation is done right, the first time. We start each project with a feasibility study, which gives us the information we need to create an informed design. Once we’ve created the design and reviewed it with you, we’ll schedule and complete the construction. After construction, we walk through your home with you, showing you what we’ve done and leaving you with the warranty information for your new features. Smart design, solid processes, exceptional talent, and consistent communications lead to excellent outcomes – and extremely satisfied homeowners.

“I’ve lived through several renovations in the past, and this was by far the smoothest and most rewarding experience. I highly recommend MAC to anyone considering a renovation project – we’ll definitely be using them again in the future!”
~ Ashley S.

Pre-Construction Perfection

Once you’ve decided that it’s time for a remodel, we’ll take you through a three-part evaluation to understand your home better, so we can create a design that matches your taste and budget.

The pre-construction process includes a Feasibility study, Design review, and the creation of Final plans and specifications – with firm quotes from our subcontractors and suppliers. This process helps us identify load-bearing walls, recognize hazardous materials, and find out how and where electrical and plumbing is routed, so we can design the space efficiently and effectively, and bring everything together. Through the pre-construction process, you’ll gain a solid understanding of what to expect for your home renovation, from start to finish and every step along the way.

“The pre-construction process helps us find the answers in advance, which can influence our design choices” said Terri Wills, a designer at MAC Renovations. “A recent example involved a home that had popcorn ceilings. The homeowner wanted a flat ceiling, but an inspection determined that the existing material had asbestos. We were able to change the design to board over the material, locking it in place while providing the look the client wanted, at a substantial savings since remediation wasn’t required.”

A Team of Professionals

When you choose MAC, you get a full team of professionals. Our designers, project managers, trades, and administration team are educated and experienced. We’re all here to help you throughout your renovation, working together to complete your project efficiently and effectively. We communicate with each other regularly, using BuilderTrend so everyone can stay informed on all aspects of your project. We’ve been doing this for over 35 years, and have built a level of trust that you won’t find anywhere else.

What is a Full-Service Remodeler? | MAC Renovations - Victoria's Trusted Renovation Team

Design Expertise

Your designer is one of the first team members you’ll meet, and they’ll discuss your ideas, needs, and wants at the start of the project, so we can find a smart approach that works for your home and budget. All of our designers specialize in listening, which gives them the amazing ability to pluck ideas from your mind and create them on paper, perfectly matching your tastes.

Construction Specialists

From our in-house carpenters to the sub-trades we choose to work with, you’ll find a consistent quality: they’re genuinely concerned about your home, and this goes beyond the work they’re responsible for. All of our jobsites are smoke-free, we clean the site as we go, and we treat your family and home with the respect you deserve. We’re guests in your home, and we all appreciate that you’ve invited us in.


Another important aspect of our full-service approach to home renovations is the BuilderTrend portal. We use this software regularly, coordinating the trades, project managers, and suppliers, as well as giving our designers a quick reference for your project. “I like to physically check in on a project at least three times: at the beginning, middle, and end,” shared Alexis Solomon, another of our interior design specialists. “BuilderTrend lets me check in more regularly, so I can make sure the design is on track with what we’ve planned.”

What is a Full-Service Remodeler? | MAC Renovations - Victoria's Trusted Renovation TeamContractor for Life

Our service goes beyond the day the project is completed. Once the job site is cleaned up and the trades are pulling away, we’ll give you a warranty binder that outlines everything we did during the project, as well as the warranty information on any new appliances, flooring, fixtures, and cabinets. We’ll then check in with you on the first and second anniversaries of your project completion date, to see how everything is performing and address any issues that may have come up.

“After living in our “new” old house for the past number of months, we can’t really find anything that we would have done differently. We highly recommend Mac and would certainly work with them again.”

~ K. MacLeod


That’s the MAC Renovations difference – doing it once, doing it right. Every time. Give us a call to find out how we can help you customize your home to fit your family.


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