What is a Contractor for Life?


At MAC Renovations we work in construction, but we build relationships.

When you do a great job, people invite you to come back when they need more help. Many of the renovation projects we do today for homeowners in Victoria are the result of projects we’ve done in the past 40’ish years. Whether it’s updating a home for a family we’ve worked with before or it’s a referral from a homeowner who loved what we did, we are grateful that the people of Victoria consider us their Contractor for Life. But what does that mean?

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Appreciating Great Work

Many of our projects start as something specific, so the homeowner can get a good understanding of how our team works together. Once they’ve had the MAC Renovation experience, they’ll often invite us back to improve other spaces in their homes.

For one family, we started with a project to update two bathrooms. The homeowner had been diagnosed with a debilitating disease and hired us to design and renovate for improved accessibility. We used many ageing in place design features to ensure they were able to remain independent for as long as possible. 

After completing their bathroom renovation, we were invited back to take on a kitchen renovation, removing walls and creating an open environment. We were recently brought back in to complete an exterior renovation for this family, replacing decks and stairs for easier access, making the space safe for the entire family, and creating a gorgeous home for them all to enjoy.

Processes Make Perfection

We take the guesswork out of a home renovation by taking a design-build approach to each project. Our talented designers work with you to plan the design, and then our staff carpenters and subcontractors come in and do it right. With almost four decades of experience renovating homes in Victoria, we’ve developed processes that we can use to schedule every phase of every project. While the homes are unique, our consistent approach ensures we deliver excellent results.

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Make it Right

Sometimes during a project, stuff happens that doesn’t come up until later: a toilet might be a bit wobbly, a ding in the wall was overlooked, or there was a surprise hidden behind w wall in an older home. We stay involved throughout the project to catch mistakes before they happen. Sometimes mistakes happen and our teams have worked together with each other long enough to be comfortable holding each other accountable, but if something does slip through a crack, we fix it. 

We recently completed a full kitchen renovation, with gorgeous cabinets and an in-floor heating system to keep the winter chill away for this family of gourmands. For some reason, whether it was a faulty component or damage done during the installation, the in-floor heating didn’t work. When the homeowner let us know, we investigated and determined that there was a fault somewhere in the mesh, and that left us with two options: give the family their money back for the in-floor heating, or tear up the floor and re-install a new system. It would have been much easier to give this family back the price of the in-floor system, but Blaise McDonald, MAC Renovations Owner and Operations Manager, told them – and us – to “Make it right.” So we did. The reason being that every time they step onto the cold kitchen floor, they’ll remember what it should have been like, not that they got their money back for it. 

It was another week of renovation to rip out the old floor and install the new, but the results were worth it, and now when this family walks into the kitchen, a warm floor helps them get their day started on the right foot. 

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One of the things that our new customers find different about the MAC Renovations experience is the level of accountability that everyone shows. “I like to stay connected during – and after – my projects,” explained Azu Saavedra, Interior Designer and Project Manager at MAC Reno. “I like to deal with things immediately, jumping on them right away so they get solved swiftly. A client might call for a warranty issue, and while I probably could hand that off to another person at MAC, I prefer to stay involved and make sure it’s taken care of.” 

Contractor for Life

When we complete a home renovation in Victoria, we don’t just drop off the final invoice and run. We walk through your home with you to ensure that everything is done the way we’d planned. We’ll give you a warranty binder that has all of the information about your new appliances and fixtures, including a 24-month workmanship warranty that covers all of the installed materials. You can expect us to touch base with you one- and two-years after your project ends, so we can ensure everything is working as promised.

As a contractor for life, our goal is to be your first call for anything involving your home renovation, whether it’s adding space for your growing family, renovating a room to help you get the most out of it, or updating your home to reflect your style and taste. We have the processes, teams, experience, and warranty to build trust and ensure you are happy with your investment. If you’d like to experience the MAC Renovation difference, give us a call. We want to help you enjoy your home for as long as you want.


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