7 Tips to Remotely Manage Your Renovation


Wintery weather - not in Victoria BC If you’re sitting at home, watching the snow bury your fence and climb up the side of your home, and wondering how you’re going to renovate the home you bought in Victoria while you’re hundreds – or thousands – of miles away, we’ve got great news for you. The sun is shining, the grass is green, and we’re the renovation team of your dreams.

Victoria, BC, is an island paradise in the Pacific Ocean, offering the mildest climate in Canada, natural beauty everywhere you look, and the ideal blend of big-city convenience with small-town hospitality. It’s no surprise that Victoria and the surrounding area is the dream retirement destination for many Canadians (and some Americans).

During the winter months, you’d be amazed at how many calls we get from families in Alberta and eastern Canada, requesting information about renovating a home they’re looking at in Victoria. As the mercury drops, the need to make this one of the last wintery-winters they have to suffer through intensifies.

And who can blame them?


Here are seven tips that you can use to make sure your remote renovation is done right:

1 – Choose a professional

A home renovation can be a big project, and it will make a substantial difference to your retirement strategy. Choosing a local professional with a reputation for excellence gives you the confidence that your project will be done right, even if you can’t see it happening through each and every stage.

When you work with us, you’re part of the renovation team. We include you in the conversation and make sure that you know what’s going on all the time. With MAC Reno, you get a single point of accountability, expert talent, a 24-month workmanship warranty, and through our contractor-for-life program, you’ll now that we’re here for you long after the project is finished.

Updated deck in Victoria - MAC Renovations

2 – Communication

Whether you’re in the city or across the country, there will be times when you need to know what’s happening during your home renovation. At MAC Renovations, we use a software project management platform, BuilderTrend, to keep you informed of everything that’s happening in your home.

Through BuilderTrend, you can see what, when, and where changes are being made to your home. You’ll know when the plumbers are coming in to do their part, and when the drywalls will finish the final sanding before the painters arrive. We’ll post pics of your project as we move along, and you can make comments or requests where needed.

3 – Plan for Perfection

Without a solid plan, your home renovation is just a dream. Before any work is completed or a single permit is pulled, you should know what the final outcome of your home will be. At MAC, we follow this plan religiously, so we make sure it’s done right from the start. And while some things might pop up during the execution of the plan, we have contingencies and strategies to keep everyone and everything on track.

4 – Mid-Project Visit

Once you have your plan, you should schedule a quick trip (or a few, depending on how long the renovation will take) throughout the process to visit the site and see your vision come to life. There’s so much to do in Victoria, but we know you’ll want to check in on the progress of your home. Let us know when you’re going to be in town so we can plan to be there with you.

Visit Victoria to check in our your reno

5 – Stress Management

When you hire professionals, you can rest easy knowing they’re taking care of your project the right way, with the right people, but there’s still an element of stress due to the scope of the project. To help you enjoy your peace of mind, find a proactive way to minimize the stress. Organize your books or sort your collectables, packing them up for the trip to Victoria. Take a look at the holiday decorations that you‘ve collected over the years for the house you’re in, and decide if they’re what you want to bring to the new place, or maybe it’s time to find a new home for them. Finding projects around the house to keep yourself busy while we take care of your renovation here in Victoria is a smart and proactive way to minimize the worry. Or shovel your neighbour’s walk so you can tell them this is the last winter you’ll be able to do it, since you’re moving to Victoria!

6 – Ask Questions

You will have questions throughout your project – whether it’s something small, like what kind of morning light to expect in the primary bedroom, or more important, such as who will pull the permits. BuilderTrend is the best place to ask your questions, as we start there every day, and use it to plan everything. Or check our website to find some of our frequently asked questions about home renovations in Victoria.

7 – Enjoy the Results

Whether your renovation project is scheduled to take a few weeks or a few months, the best part of the experience will come when you set foot into your new home, knowing that everything is done just the way you want it. You can move in today and start your retirement, or go back to your hometown and gloat to everyone you know about your perfect place in Canada’s dream city.

If you’re reading this after shovelling your drive for the third time today, you don’t have to abandon everything, move west, and then set up your home here in Victoria. You can do it strategically: find a house in the part of town you want to live in and have our team fix it up. And when the time is right, your dream home will be ready for you.

Wherever you’re coming from, we’re looking forward to meeting you. Give us a call to find out how we can take care of your project in Victoria, no matter where in the world you are.


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