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During these interesting times, it’s not business as usual at MAC Renovations, so we’re developing smart ways to support our current clients and new homeowners looking to update their space. 

Spending time at home during self-isolation is a smart way to flatten the curve and keep those at risk of infection safe and healthy.  For some families, it gives them time to see that there’s room for improvement in their home. Many families are sharing a bathroom, discovering that their kitchen wasn’t designed for more than one person to use at a time, or searching desperately for a quiet place to work from home. If this sounds familiar, it might be time to look at your home renovation alternatives. But, in the shadow of COVID-19, how can you meet with a professional team to see your options? 

Virtual Consultations.  

MAC Renovations Victoria - Virtual Consultations  Virtual Consultations are nothing new to us at MAC Renovations. We’ve previously offered virtual consultations to clients outside of Victoria — we’ve met with families travelling across Italy and others moving from Hong Kong — but in the wake of the COVID-19 social-distancing requirements, we felt now is a great time to open it up to everyone looking for design help for their home in Victoria. It’s allowing us to adapt our in-person consultations to virtual meetings.

Who needs a virtual home renovation consultation in Victoria?

With the current direction of social distancing and self-isolation, it’s imperative to minimize physical interaction, and a virtual consultation is an easy way to make this happen.  Looking ahead, a virtual solution can be an excellent way to accommodate busy schedules but still be able to meet and learn about your plans for your home?. The future will likely see a mix of in-person and on-camera meetups.

What do you need?

For the best virtual consultation experience, you should have:

  • A way to connect with Virtual Conferencing apps such as Zoom, to connect your tablet (iPad, Android, or Windows), laptop or desktop computer. You can use a smartphone, but keep in mind the display is small, so it may be challenging to see everything.
  • A reliable internet signal – videoconferencing takes a bit of bandwidth, so to ensure the most productive meeting, choose a spot that gives you the best signal strength for your wireless computer. A wired connection is best if that’s an option.
  • Ideas – tell us what you want, what you need, and what you can imagine. The more we know about your vision, the better we can create a strategy to make it real. We’ll also be asking questions about why you’re looking to make changes to your home so we can best serve your individual needs and style.
  • Time –  it’s best to block an hour for your consultation at a time and place with minimal distractions. This way, we can connect with all the decision-makers in your home, ensuring everyone is on the same page. 

What will we discuss?

One of the MAC Renovations’ team members will work with you to get a sense of your style, budget, and building needs, and then introduce you to our team and process. 

“The virtual meetings are perfect right now,” explained Blaise McDonald, owner/operations Manager at MAC Renovations. “It gives our future clients a chance to see what it’s like to work with our design team and helps them learn about our Design-Build process.”

The virtual consultation isn’t an estimate, but it is the first part of the process. Through the consultation, we can get a good idea about your style preferences, your vision for your home, and the type of structure we’ll be working with. 

Next steps

Once we complete the virtual consultation and decide to work together to improve your home, we’ll help you prepare for your renovation so you can learn why people choose us to be their contractor for life.

“We want you to get to know us and learn about our unique approach to home renovation in Victoria,” said Blaise. “A no-obligation, no-commitment virtual consultation is a smart way to start the conversation so we can all see what we can do with your home.”

Visit to see what we can do for your home, then give us a call to start the conversation.

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