7 Must-Haves During A Pandemic:

  1. Sufficient storage 
    • Now is a great time to review your storage solutions: custom cabinetry, allocated rooms, closet spaces, etc. During these times, it is important to have enough storage space to keep things tidy and out of eyesight.
  2. Bounty of Bathrooms 
    • Families may need extra sinks for the constant hand washing, and more than one bathroom for privacy. Wouldn’t it be great to have more than one bathroom during these times, and who doesn’t want to relax in a well-designed bathroom?
  3. Organized and functional kitchen 
    • Some of our clients have been thinking about a kitchen renovation for many years now. What better time to plan your new kitchen design now that everyone is home more often. Cooking at home lets us know what works and what doesn’t work in our existing kitchens. Better storage space - MAC Renovations
  4. Office space
    • Many of our clients in Victoria have had to resort to working from home during these times. We say — don’t worry! Home offices will be the new normal in our homes from now on. We have years of experience finding the perfect place for your new home office. Home office solutions - MAC Renovations
  5. Designated study areas
    • For children being homeschooled, sometimes learning from home can be challenging and distracting. A designated study area helps support effective learning by keeping it separate from the everyday living spaces.
  6. Cleaning stations
    • Many of our families and friends have been finding innovative ways to keep their homes safe and healthy. Adding a specific mudroom can help you build sanitation into your routine: you can come home, wash your hands, change your clothes, and give you a space to put your groceries down before wiping them down. Mudrooms are a great way to keep your family and home safe. mudroom renovations in Victoria - MAC Renovations
  7. Outdoor living space
    • Staying home means staying safe, but staying home doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the outdoors safely. Now is a great time to look at updating or replacing your deck and patio, or maybe add a new outdoor kitchen? It’s clear that this pandemic will change the future, and one great thing about it is that it allows us to be at home with our families more often, enjoying our homes and each other to the fullest extent.  Outdoor living space in Victoria - MAC Renovations


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