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How pre-construction planning keeps your renovation on time and on budget.

Whether you’ve lived in Victoria for years or you’re planning to move here and need a renovation done remotely, it’s important to begin your home improvement with the right information. Your renovation budget is part of the equation, but it’s far from the only aspect. Timeline, zoning requirements, environmental assessments, and other factors play a major role in the completed project. A home in Victoria is probably the biggest asset you’ll ever purchase, so it’s vital that all considerations are taken into account. The estimated price shouldn’t be the sole reason you choose one contractor over another – you need to trust that you’re getting the best team for your investment and that they can deliver what they promise, on time and on budget.

“Our job is to take care of the problems our customers are having,” said Blaise McDonald, co-owner and president at MAC Renovations.  “Whether that’s not enough space in their home, updating it to reflect their lifestyle, setting them up to comfortably age-in-place, or improving a room so they can enjoy their time at home.” MAC Renovations - contractor for life

A smart start

“By asking questions, we can better understand what’s important to the homeowners,” shared Ed McDonald, co-owner of MAC Renovations in Victoria. “We find out what you want to do as well as why you want to do it. When we know the reason for the renovation, we can use that to make decisions in the planning stage of your project, as well as while we navigate the municipal requirements.”

We are a team of professionals, and one of the reasons we’ve become Victoria’s most trusted renovation contractor is because we’ve developed effective processes to ensure every project is successful. We follow the same approach, every time, to ensure we know exactly what to expect during each stage of your renovation, whether it’s a whole home remodel or a much-needed update to your cramped kitchen

The power of pre-construction planning

“Pre-construction is where a project is made,” explained Blaise. “With smart planning, we can establish a timeline and a fixed-price, and identify any issues that might prevent the renovation from happening. It’s about mitigating risks early in the process. We’ve had more than one project halted or shelved due to zoning issues, architectural challenges, environmental concerns, or other matters where the available resources weren’t sufficient to begin the project.”

“Our clients are not obligated to do the project with us at the end of the pre-construction process.  You can use everything we discover in the planning process with whichever builder you want,” said Ed. “We’ll do our best to show you that we’re the right choice for your project, but you are free to do it with the team you are most comfortable with.” interior renovation victoria BC

Our pre-construction planning covers a lot of ground:

We’ll complete a feasibility study to determine if the changes you want are possible. We’ll identify any safety concerns, and then consult with the architects, structural engineers, and other professionals. We might open a  wall to see what the structure is like, have an electrician examine the wiring to see what’s required to bring it up to code, or have a geo-technician test the soil. 

We have a talented architectural designer who understands all of the municipal requirements, and he’ll guide us through the tricky waters of municipal planning, observing the setbacks and planning to overcome potential limitations. 

Once we’re confident we can complete the project, we’ll move to the next stage – bringing in an interior designer to develop a floor plan that encapsulates the building requirements to add or update the space you want to improve. The designer will work with you to create a plan for your remodel based on your needs, wants, and personal preferences.

Following the design component, we’ll finalize the plan specifications, with firm quotes from our suppliers and contractors, timelines for the building permits, and a schedule to know who and when each component will be completed. We’ll pre-purchase the materials to allow for long delivery times, so we can be efficient with our time throughout the project. 

And then we’ll add everything to BuilderTrend, the project management tool we use to keep everyone informed and on schedule.  interior design - MAC Renovations Victoria

Planning for success

There is a substantial amount of work before we make a change in your home, and the time invested at this stage of your renovation in Victoria ensures that every phase is completed as expected – whether you’re living in the house during the renovation, or you’re planning alternate accommodations while we take care of everything. 

“Through our pre-construction process, we’re able to determine a fixed price for every job,” said Blaise. “The majority of changes to the scope of a project, if any, are client-driven – changes that bring value to the home, but weren’t part of the initial design. This is usually because our clients like what we’re doing, and trust us to do it right for them.”

If you’re considering a renovation in Victoria, whether it’s for a single room or to update your whole home, give us a call to discover the MAC difference for yourself – we know you’ll be happy with the outcome.


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