Upgrading MAC Renovations’ Payment Processing with MazumaGo


We’ve recently found a new solution for accepting online payments, which gives our home renovation customers in Victoria an easier way to take care of the financial part of their project with us.

As the world moves away from paper, things like cheques are getting left in the dust. The problem is, this makes it challenging for homeowners to transfer payments for their MAC Renovations home remodel. The alternatives are to go to your bank to request a certified cheque, then physically bring it to us, or e-transfer the payment in installments, but often the transaction limitations make this an arduous and lengthy process, and each transaction triggers another small fee.

When we heard about a local payment processor promising a better way, we decided to check them out.

What is MazumaGo?

MazumaGo is a local success story in the making: they entered the scene with a seed round in March, with support from angel investors at Mother Trucker Capital and from Ryan Holmes, the founder of Hootsuite. The premise is simple: make it easy, safe, and secure for businesses to send and receive large sums of money for the products and services they need in their life.

Matthew Smith, CEO and co-founder of MazumaGo, shared, “it’s 2021, and it shouldn’t be so hard to send large payments online. Our mission is to eliminate any reason why companies would want to use cheques. We’re excited that we can help local businesses like MAC Renos make the shift away from paper cheques and give them a more efficient and modern way to process payments“.

Why is MAC using MazumaGo?

There are a few reasons that we’ve recently switched to this payment processor. They make it easy for businesses to transfer payments in one lump sum without the limits common to e-transfer. They also have a fantastic tracking process, so you can see where your payment is from the time it leaves your account until the time it arrives in ours. They are able to connect directly to your bank, so you don’t have to worry about sending to — or from — the wrong account. And they only charge $2 for the whole transaction. Another big reason for the change is because MazumaGo was born right here in Victoria, and we’re pretty confident the rest of the world is going to know about them soon.

So why are we telling you this? For two reasons:

  1. To help spread the word about this local business.
  2. To let our customers know that we’ve found a smart way to reduce the stress during your renovation.

You may not have heard about MazumaGo before today, but they’re just one more of the amazing professionals we work with on your home renovation in Victoria.

(read more about MazumaGo)

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