MAC Values in Action


At MAC Renovations, we’ve built a reputation in Victoria for high-quality home renovations over the past forty years. When it was just a one-man show, it was easy for Ed to set the tone throughout the project, but as we’ve grown to be Victoria’s favourite renovation team, it’s important that we choose people who understand how and why we’re delivering an excellent experience to our customers, every time.

Whether it’s a one-room renovation in your space in Saanich, a complete remodel in Sidney, or a new build in the Western Communities, we’re building a relationship with our clients. Our core values aren’t just pretty words on a sign in our office: they’re the behaviours, expectations, and yardsticks we measure ourselves — and the people we hire — by every project, every day.

Here are the values we strive to deliver consistently:

Team First — Collaboration

MAC Values in Action | MAC Renovations - Victoria's Trusted Renovation Team We are professionals working together to get the job done right. As a team, we share ideas and knowledge to learn from each other. We encourage cooperative efforts at every level and across all activities in our company. We work together, and we celebrate together.




MAC Values in Action | MAC Renovations - Victoria's Trusted Renovation Team Be Curious — Continuing Education

Knowledge is power. We are willing to learn new ideas, practices, and techniques, then share our new knowledge with our friends, clients, and co-workers. We are focused on learning, and we have the humility to ask for help and the courage to say, “I don’t know … yet.” Then we’ll focus on learning how to do it right.




MAC Values in Action | MAC Renovations - Victoria's Trusted Renovation Team Do the Right Thing — Integrity

We approach every project with the understanding that we will do the right thing all of the time. Our team members and clients deserve nothing less. We strive to maintain the highest ethical standards and honour all commitments; we take personal responsibility for our actions; and we treat everyone with trust and respect. Always.




MAC Values in Action | MAC Renovations - Victoria's Trusted Renovation Team Be Intentional — Care

We genuinely care about our clients, our business relationships, and our employees. We go the extra distance to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients. We show this in the way we present ourselves and interact with the community; the pride we take in delivering our services and mastering our respective skills and trades; and our care for every aspect of our business activities.




If you think you have what it takes to deliver the MAC Experience, or you’d like to chat with us about a project for your home so you can see our values in action, give us a call. We look forward to impressing you soon.

MAC Values in Action | MAC Renovations - Victoria's Trusted Renovation Team

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