Create an Ideabook on Houzz


How to create an ideabook on Houzz

Now that you know what Houzz is (and how it will help your renovation in Victoria), it’s time for the next step: to create an Ideabook on Houzz. 

Start With a Winning Team 

At MAC, we don’t toot our own horn that much, but we’re pretty proud of what we’ve done for homeowners throughout Greater Victoria. And we’ve even won some awards for them, too: 

  • Certified Renovator – Canadian Home Builders Association 
  • Eleven 2014 CARE Awards – 10 Silver and 1 Gold 
  • Several SAM Awards, Georgie Awards, and C.A.R.E. Awards for residential building excellence 

We know a thing or two about renovations in Victoria and the surrounding communities. And we love Houzz for the way it streamlines our clients’ vision.  

What is Houzz? 

Hailed as a hub for homeowners, contractors, remodelers, and interior designers, Houzz provides people with the opportunity to post an online portfolio of your work, dream renovation examples, your services, and your contact information. 

Houzz is the perfect way for you to find and collect inspiration for your upcoming home renovation.  

How to Create an Ideabook on Houzz 

First, you need to create a Houzz profile: Click the sign-in button on the top right corner to create an account (or sign in via Facebook or Google.) 

Now that you’re logged in, you can build an Ideabook for each project. For findability, click on the plus symbol to create and name a new Ideabook for each of your current or planned projects, then add a description to provide context.  

With your Ideabooks set up, use Houzz’s search bar to find and add inspirational photos, contractor contact info, and décor ideas to your heart’s content. 

Share your Ideabook with your family, friends, spouse, design team and renovation crew. When creating it, you’ll be prompted to add the email addresses of anyone you’d like to give access. They just have to click on the link to see what you’ve put together.  

Why Create an Ideabook in Houzz? 

Picture it now: instead of struggling to find the words to describe the exact treatment for your walls or struggling to remember the name of that brand of paint you wanted to learn more about, your Ideabook makes referencing (and sharing!) everything easy-peasy. 

We recommend having at least 15 photos saved to each Ideabook when sharing it with your contractor and design team. The clearer the picture we have, the better we can put together a design that incorporates your unique style. A great design team doesn’t replicate what you see on HGTV and design magazines; rather, they figure out your style and deliver the right look for you and your home.   

Start Your Houzz Ideabook Today 

Add MAC Reno on Houzz today to get started on your first (or next) renovation Ideabook. 

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