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Choose Your Own Adventure at MAC Renovations | MAC Renovations - Victoria's Trusted Renovation Team The mark of creative genius is the ability to see something unique within the familiar. For our design squad, that might be finding the perfect bit of whimsy to showcase the homeowner’s style. For our carpentry crew, it could be finding the perfect angle to make the trim practically seamless. And for our leadership team, it’s the ability to see the potential in the people we work with and the encouragement to learn the skills they need to succeed. As the MAC Renovations team in Victoria grows, so do the opportunities for the people within.  

While this is true for most everyone on the MAC Renovations roster, it’s especially true for Spencer Dunstan-Adams, the newest member of our sales team.  

“Spencer came to us with energy and talent,” said Blaise McDonald, owner and president of MAC Renovations. “Over the years, he’s developed experience, insight, and a reputation for being someone to rely on. We’re very excited to see him own his new role: helping us deliver a consistently excellent experience for our home renovation clients throughout Greater Victoria.” 

Building a Career 

“At first, I was attending the Justice Institute of B.C. to become a paramedic,” explained Spencer. “My family is pretty entrenched in the medical world, but it didn’t feel like the right fit for me, so I looked for opportunities in Victoria. I’d had some experience as a labourer in Penticton, so when I saw the posting for MAC, I applied and got the job. 

“MAC saw some potential in me and encouraged me to apply for an apprenticeship program — multiple times — but again, it didn’t feel like the right fit. They were adamant about furthering my career but respectful, too. When I realized that I liked talking with clients more than I liked working on their homes, I knew there was a different path for my future. I mentioned it to my project leader, and he brought it to Blaise. 

“When the time was right, they brought me inside to get used to the administrative side of things, answering phones and learning the ins-and-outs of BuilderTrend, the project management tool we use to keep everything organized at MAC.  

“I shadowed Ed, Blaise, and Srdjo to get an idea of their different styles and ways to approach opportunities, and MAC enrolled me in the Sandler training program, one of the best sales training programs in the world.    

“In January of 2021, we made it official: Blaise popped my water wings to see if I could swim. Drawing from my experience in the field and the training in the Sandler program, I started getting and developing my own leads and building my confidence. The jobs are getting bigger, and we’re all having a great time.” 

A Strong Foundation 

Within the first conversation with Spencer, you’ll quickly discover that team and family are a massive part of his world. He shares a home with his fiancé and her parents, he’s hugely active on the local rugby pitch, and he loves the consistency of a structured lifestyle. “Work is a big part of my life,” said Spencer, “but I make the time to include my family and friends as much as I can. I call my granny back home once a week to make sure she’s OK, and I chat with my parents every weekend. I’m that guy who coordinates events for everyone, so we can hang out together and support each other.” 

“I don’t have to be at MAC, but I choose to because I love the people, the projects, and the potential.”  

When you’re working with a team of creative professionals, you can choose a non-linear career path to get closer to where you want to be in life. That’s exactly what Spencer Dunstan-Adams did, and we’re particularly proud to see him thrive and grow in his new role. 


If you’d like to work with a team that is committed to helping you be your best, visit our profile on, then shoot us a note to find your place on our team of professionals.  


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