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What is the CHBA, and why does it matter to homeowners and renovation/construction teams in Greater Victoria?

There are many agencies working behind the scenes to improve or protect the building industry for the construction industry and consumers on Vancouver Island and across the country. A major player is the Canadian Home Builders Association, which we are proud members of — and not just because Blaise is the current President.

The CHBA brings significant value to the building community by providing education for tradespeople and construction crews, advocating for the construction industry as a whole, and by connecting homeowners with professionals for their projects. Representing over 160 member companies across the Island, CHBA Vancouver Island supports the local Residential Construction Industry as they create homes and communities. Whether it’s building an addition to house the whole family, transforming a bathroom to provide luxury, tranquillity, and privacy, upgrading a kitchen to work the way you want or any number of home renovations that make your space uniquely yours, the CHBA is an important part of the process.

We recently caught up with Kerriann Coady, Chief Executive Officer for Canadian Home Builders’ Association- Vancouver Island, to learn more about their contribution to the home renovation and residential construction industry of Victoria and Vancouver Island.

What is the Canadian Home Builders Association?

The CHBA is the national voice of the residential building industry, working with all three levels of government to support the business success of our members and their ability to provide affordability, quality and choice for consumers. The Vancouver Island local CHBA team focuses on achieving a stable business environment for members, promoting and protecting the interests of consumers, and supporting the professionalism of their members.


Kerriann Coady is responsible for Vancouver Island, and she works with municipal governments on behalf of the industry in general. “We are here to support building better buildings for consumers, the communities we serve, and the industry as a whole.” 

Home renovation professionals in Victoria - Industry Partners – The Canadian Home Builders Association | MAC Renovations - Victoria's Trusted Renovation Team

Community Support

An important part of CHBA’s contribution is interacting with the municipal government for industry-relevant areas, such as identifying reasons behind common errors that result in extended waiting times for permits. “We also provide advocacy to the different levels of government for things like supply chain,” said Kerriann. “We’ve seen a lot of supply chain issues, pre- and post-pandemic. We’re working behind the scenes to overcome the issues that homeowners and construction companies are experiencing.”

Building Trust

“Another aspect that we work with is developing a perspective of trust and confidence,” explained Kerriann. “All of our members are vetted by our board of directors and staff. We do background checks to ensure that if you hire a member of CHBA VI, you know that they are somebody you can trust. Consumers can check our membership directory to find an approved contractor, and anyone displaying the CHBA logo in their marketing materials has been vetted and approved.”

VIBE Awards

The CHBA-VI is also the host of the annual VIBE awards, a gala event to recognize the innovation and excellence found within the Vancouver Island construction industry. The submissions are judged by a panel of highly qualified professionals with specific expertise in the long list of categories, such as renovation, new construction, planning, and design. At MAC, we are proud to have been honoured so frequently for the great work we do (we were absent from the podium this year since Blaise is the current President…)

Why does it matter?

At MAC, we’ve built our reputation as Victoria’s Most Trusted Renovation Contractor by being Victoria’s Most Trusted Renovation Contractor. We accomplish this by following the best practices outlined by organizations like CHBA and by building strong relationships with our clients. We make the time to listen to what you want in a home renovation in Victoria, and then we dig deep to understand the why (or whys) driving your project. And then we give you a fair price, set up the schedule, and do our best to keep everything on time and on budget throughout your project. We’ve been doing it this way for over forty years, and we’re looking forward to doing it for you, too.

When you’re ready to enhance your home, give us a call.

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