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How We Work

Enjoy a Conflict-Free Home Renovation Experience

Our approach to renovating your home is simple: work as a team. When you treat your clients and subtrades as partners, trust flourishes and conflicts are minimized. Thirty-five years in the business has taught us that the best way to achieve such a relationship is to have a rock solid process. Here’s ours:

Pre-Construction Phase

During any renovation, you can count on some unanticipated challenges along the way. A environmental risk assessment could reveal Asbestos in the walls, for instance, or a rotten structural element could pop up during the demolition. Our Pre-Construction Service is a three-step process that is designed to remove the guesswork from such issues should they arise. We’ll also work closely together to assess the feasibility of your budget, to finalize the scope of the project, and develop a working list of design drawings and material specifications.

Construction Phase

Once the construction agreement is signed, we will apply for the requisite building permits, and give you a firm schedule of events and a completion date. We’ll introduce ourselves to your neighbours so they know what is going on, and give them a phone number to call should they have any questions or concerns. While construction takes places, you’ll be able to monitor progress by logging into your personal renovation project page, which includes daily log updates with photos, change request tracking, cost updates and more. During construction we use a negative air exhaust system to prevent dust from settling in your house. At the end of building, you’ll do a walk-through with your project manager and any concerns you have will be resolved immediately.

Warranty & Follow-Up Phase

At the end of the construction, you will receive a warranty binder containing maintenance info and the product warranties for your new appliances, flooring, fixtures, cabinets, etc. You will also be given the terms of our industry-leading 24-month workmanship warranty on all installed materials. Plus as part of our “Contractor-for-Life” follow up program you’ll get a check-in from a MAC Reno expert at the one-year and two-year anniversary of your project completion date. Just one more way we stand behind you.