A Comfortable Life

While winter in Victoria is the envy of the rest of the country, that jealousy won’t keep you warm during our cold, wet months. If you’re spending your free time at home looking for drafts, sealing up cracks, or policing the thermostat, maybe it’s time to look at where your energy is going.  

An added bonus: the same things that keep the heat in help keep the noise out, so you can enjoy your space in comfort and peace.  

Save Energy, Save Money 

Better construction techniques help us create energy-efficient homes in Victoria. We’ll design your renovation to improve your building envelope, creating a barrier between the warm air inside your home and the cold air outside. With advanced technologies, such as Heat Recovery Ventilators and hot water recirculation systems, we can ensure your heating setup is working as efficiently as possible.   

Measurable Results

Before beginning a project designed to improve your energy efficiency, we recommend you complete an energy audit from a certified professional. A home energy evaluation starts with a measurement of how much air is escaping from your home. This gives us a starting point to build a plan to minimize your energy use. It’s a great way to get the best results in your renovation, and it’s usually a requirement in order to qualify for some of the rebates available through BC Hydro and FortisBC. Once we’ve completed the renovations and made the necessary improvements, you can do a follow-up audit to see exactly how much tighter your home is.  


“The City of Saanich honoured MAC Renovations with an environmental award for the Step 4 building approach we used to create the Ranch, our home office at 5285 West Saanich Road.”

You may have heard about Net Zero construction and the BC Energy Step Code, and while these generally apply to new home construction, the approach we take on all projects looks at your home as a whole system, where changes to one component potentially impact others. We leverage many of the best practices of Net Zero and Step Code construction to minimize energy loss and maximize your comfort.  

If your home isn’t comfortable, contact us to feel the difference 

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