Is Your Entrance Creating the Right First Impression? 

Your dooryard and entranceway set the stage for the experience your guests can expect in your home. If your entrance is cluttered and narrow, people won’t remember that your kitchen is magnificent and open or that your new living room layout takes full advantage of your amazing view. Smart design can make your everyday entranceway seem much more spacious and welcoming, creating the experience you want your guests to have when they enter your home. 

The Entryway Ballet

When people visit your home, are you faced with that delightful dance of balancing whatever they’re bringing in while removing their shoes and coats? Does it feel like a game of Jenga to let someone out while someone else comes in? Is the floor dangerous when wet? A well-designed entrance makes the space beautiful and functional, with intentional touches that make this unique space work well.  


Should you let the stairs be the star in your entry, or will your artwork take the focus? Do you see a stunning chandelier brightening up the room, or will focused spots bring in the light? Our professional designers can help you choose the right layout for your home, showcasing your style and bringing beauty to this essential part of your home. 

If you don’t like the first impression your home is delivering, contact us to make it right 

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