Get More from Your Property 

Life is all about change, and today’s homes often need to be upgraded to meet the dynamic needs of modern families. In many cases, adding on to your existing home can give you everything you want, but if you have children moving back home, mature parents moving in, or you’d like to add some rental income to your portfolio, an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on your lot can be a smart investment.  

Changes in the local bylaws make it possible for more homeowners throughout Greater Victoria to add an Accessory Dwelling Unit or a Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADUs or DADUs) to their property, creating more living space for your extended family or tenants without giving up space in your main house.   

Carriage Houses 

Carriage houses are a great option for homes in Greater Victoria, providing a complete living unit as well as additional storage space for extra vehicles, gardening equipment, holiday decorations, or whatever else you need to secure safely.  

Garden Suites

If your backyard has the space, a garden suite can be a smart way to increase your property value and provide an easy access apartment that’s perfect for mom or dad without giving up your driveway. Garden suites are typically low-profile homes designed to visually support the main house while providing an accessible living space for one or two people.  

Laneway Homes 

While laneway homes tend to be more of a feature in Vancouver, where the communities are rich with alley access, there are some neighbourhoods in Victoria where a laneway home would fit in nicely. With their own access, you’ll have maximum privacy while still enjoying all of the benefits of a secondary suite, like a separate space for visiting family or a nice accommodation for live-in caretakers.   

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