Basement projects in Victoria, BC

Do you have unused space downstairs and want to turn it into an enjoyable part of your home? Here are a few projects we’ve completed that bring more usability without changing the footprint.

There are many great solutions that we can use to maximize headroom in your basement, ensuring that everyone can feel comfortable within the space, but there are some homes that just don’t meet the minimum requirements to build an extra room — a bit too tall to be called a crawlspace, but too short to be used as a living space. In these cases, we might be able to find extra headroom by lifting your home: extending the basement foundation to add a few more feet of clearances to unlock a ton of livable square footage for you and your family. This can be a cost-effective way to add more square footage without building an entire addition or a secondary dwelling unit.  

While Victoria doesn’t seem to have as many below-grade basements as other regions across the country, it’s possible that your basement — especially in an older home — might always feel damp. Whether it’s a musty smell or a chill in the air that just won’t go away, our construction team can help you keep the space warm and dry using advanced building techniques and innovative waterproofing products.  

While basements can sometimes be drafty and damp, our professional design team can help you seal up the space to prevent moisture from getting in and then set you up with a heat source – whether that’s an energy-efficient heat pump, a decorative gas fireplace, or radiant floor heating. Update your dark and dingy basement and create the space you’ve always wanted. 

That concrete-floored space downstairs can be so much more than a place to store boxes of holiday decorations. Imagine how much you’d love it if it were set up as a fully functional craft room, with a space for all of your supplies and a worktable that you don’t have to clear off every time you want to use it. Or maybe your home needs a book nook. A man cave. An upgraded laundry room. A home theatre. A games room. Whatever might make your life better, we can help you turn that space into something awesome.  


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