Make your view more accessible or give your family a space to enjoy the great outdoors in your own backyard. We can design and build a patio, deck, veranda, terrace – and many other outdoor living spaces – to help you enjoy your home, inside and out, in Greater Victoria.

The right materials for the right build

Natural wood materials, recycled materials, custom designs, and repurposed favourites, we can help you choose the right combination to add more you to your home.

Give us a call to get the most out of your yard.

With Victoria’s mild climate, you can use your outdoor living space pretty much yearround, especially if you have ways to keep warm and dry during the winter months. We love working on exterior spaces, as it gives us a chance to find creative solutions to make the space unique without the homeowners worrying about it being damaged by the weather. We can build you a covered outdoor living space with seating for everyone, a TV nook to keep connected with your favourite series, heaters to keep everyone comfortable, an outdoor kitchen where you can unleash your inner BBQ pit mastery, or privacy screens to let you enjoy the space away from prying eyes. You won’t believe how much more you’ll love your home when you can use it inside and out, 365 days of the year. 

Our highly experienced design team is able to help you find a layout that works for everyone in your life. We have designed and installed safe and accessible features for people of all abilities, including entrance ramps, outdoor elevators, and no-step doorways to ensure wheelchairs and walkers can move around with ease. Our goal is to help you create a space that makes your house a home for all of the important people in your life.  


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