Propane and natural gas fireplaces bring convenience, beauty, and warmth to your home in Victoria. Ask us how we can help you update your existing fireplace or add a new feature for you and your family to enjoy for as long as you want. And with available rebates, you can feel the heat quickly and easily.

Here in Victoria, you have four practical choices for an indoor or outdoor fireplace. You can go with natural gas, piped directly to your home and able to be programmed to come on whenever you want to create a warm space or a comfy ambience. If natural gas isn’t available, you can go with a propane-fueled fireplace, giving you beautiful flames to enhance your home. Or if you’re an old soul, maybe you’d like a woodburning fireplace with a big chunky mantle: a space where the first thoughts are,How many Christmas stockings will that hold?If you’re not a fan of gas and the thought of chopping or stacking firewood isn’t your idea of awesome, you can go with a light-driven fireplace with a built-in electric heater, giving you all the pleasure of a fireplace without any of the combustion.  


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