We’ve designed and built beautiful living spaces – family rooms, living rooms, lounges, salons or whatever you like to call it in your home – for families throughout Greater Victoria to enjoy every day and night. Check out these living rooms where everyone can relax and enjoy the space; sitting areas that are perfect for a hot coffee and a good book; and great rooms filled with warmth and beauty. Call us today to find out how we can build a living space for you and your family.    

Imagine that your living space is a blank canvas, and the MAC design team are the artists you’ve commissioned to make the space fit you and your style perfectly. We’ll start by talking with you to learn more about your likes and needs, wants and dreams. And then we’ll put together a plan to show you how any combination of better lighting, smart home features, soundproofing, bigger windows, comfier furniture, elegant storage space, and sufficient seating can bring joy to your life. We’ll also show you how to create zones that work, furniture arrangements that make sense, and how decluttering and organizing your treasures and trinkets can create order within your personal chaos.  

Our design team knows how important it is to have natural lighting within your home, and where possible, we can add skylights to let the sunshine in or replace windows with bigger, better (and more energyefficient) windows to let the light in. If skylights or bigger windows aren’t an option, we can help you choose lighting solutions to brighten your room to draw attention to the artwork on the wall, task lighting so you can focus on what you’re doing without squinting, and adjustable ambient lighting that fits your mood, no matter what you’re feeling.  

 To make your space more livable, you can break it up into zones, creating a specific space for one activity, like a reading nook with great lighting, a cozy chair, and a simple table to hold a hot tea, with another zone to handle a different way to use the room, such as binging your favourite series on a big comfy couch, or Zooming with your colleagues in a dedicated work-from-home space. Building zones can be a great way to enjoy the different parts of your life within the same space. 

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