The Basement: Beyond the Mancave

Extra space for the kids, overflow for guests, an entertainment room — today, there are a lot of good reasons to renovate your basement beyond building a refuge for dad. In addition to providing additional living space, Victoria basement renovations can offer great value in the form of legal income suites. Studies have shown future buyers consider homes with secondary suites to be worth up to 10% more on average. Any way you look at it, a basement renovation could be an ideal investment.

Basement Renovations Have Unique Challenges

Since Greater Victoria has a large stock of older homes, many of the basements we come across are unfinished. In these situations, the exposed walls, ductwork, wiring, and piping make planning and estimating easier. But if your basement is already finished, it can be more difficult to make decisions without extensive investigation. Poorly placed plumbing, outdated electrical wire, and unsecured exterior walls (for earthquake resistance) are common problems. Other complications include low ceilings, moisture penetration, and hazardous materials like Asbestos. A MAC expert will know what basement hazards to look for and how to best deal with them.


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