Smart Upgrades to save energy in your home in Victoria

You’ve likely noticed big increases in B.C. Hydro rates recently. Natural gas and fuel oil costs aren’t much better, and each comes with its own drawbacks. It’s not surprising that Victoria homeowners have made home energy efficiency a priority. Tackling such a project doesn’t need to be complicated — you can do upgrades in stages, build them into another project (like a basement reno), or do them all at once. Whichever way you choose to do it, the benefits you stand to reap go far beyond utility savings.

Investing in Our Future

You may think the initial cost of making your home more energy efficient is expensive, but energy efficiency isn’t just about covering your roof in solar panels. It’s about looking at your house as a complete system, taking care of the big energy users as well as the little things that influence your home’s efficiency. Some of the biggest bang for your buck comes from doing the simplest and most affordable things: draft proofing and air sealing, for example. Replacing windows and doors, choosing Energy Star appliances, improving attic insulation, upgrading the furnace, or adding a heat pump are all relatively unobtrusive things that deliver big utility savings over the long term. Balancing the upfront cost with the long-term value is the key. As a professional renovation team with over 40 years of experience here in Victoria, we know which upgrades are worth it, and more importantly, which aren’t.

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