Dedicated Space to Do What You Want

2020 emphasized the different ways in which some homes in Greater Victoria don’t meet the needs of the people living in them. If you found yourself wishing for a private space to get your work done or a room to crank the tunes and work out the stress in your life, we know how you feel.  

Space to Work

The pandemic gave many of the homeowners in Victoria a chance to see what working from home can be like, and for many, the experience wasn’t great. Whether it was setting up a desk in the middle of the living room or trying to convert an old bedroom into a private workspace — only to discover that the Wi-Fi isn’t strong enough for you to make it through a whole video meeting — our professional design team can help you find the space you need in your home.  

Space to Play 

If a home office or gym isn’t what you’re looking for, maybe you’d like to add a family room or games room to give your household a dedicated space to do the things you love. Add a pool room to the basement, a theatre to the bonus room, or a library to the attic. It’s your space, and you can do whatever you want. 

A Safe Workout 

Working isn’t the only thing people have been doing at home over the past year. Whether your local gym has shut down or you just prefer to work out in private, a home gym is a useful feature for many of today’s families. We can incorporate a weight room, yoga studio, or a cardio room where you can jump on your Peloton and spin the stress away. 

Whether you need a space to work or to work out — or both — contact us for help 

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