A Laundry Room to be Proud of

If you dread carrying another basket full of laundry down the stairs, out to the garage, or over to that tiny corner of the basement where the washing machine and dryer live beside the spiders and dust bunnies, it might be time to upgrade this essential part of your home.  

While the laundry room might not be what you think of first for your home renovation in Victoria, you’d be surprised at how many we do and the difference it makes in the lives of our clients. A well-organized space means less laundry-time and more me-time. What will you do with your extra free time? 

A Space for Everything 

A well-organized laundry room includes the little things that make a big difference: a good-sized sink for soaking and rinsing, a dedicated circuit to handle even the most powerful steamers, a home for the dirty laundry, and the right storage for all of your laundry needs.  

Stop hanging your delicates on the bathroom shower curtain rod to dry – give them their own space in your optimized utility/laundry room. We can help you turn your laundry room into a space your friends fantasize about every time they do a load.  

Beyond laundrey

Have you considered a dog-washing station for your fur-babies? The laundry room is the perfect space for this, with a smart spot for clean towels, specialty shampoos, and after-bath treats.  Or use the space to rinse out your paintbrushes, muddy boots, houseplants, or to dye your hair brilliant and funky colours without worrying about staining your main living space.  

If you’d like to give your laundry room some love, give us a call 

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