Are You Proud of Your Home?

We see this in homes throughout Greater Victoria: the structure is good, but the house was designed for a different era, and in many cases, multiple small remodels over the years have created a mishmash of styles, materials, and construction techniques that just don’t work for you today. When you walk around your home, and all you see is an outdated kitchen, rooms that are too small — or too big — boring bathrooms, mismatched flooring, and a layout that just doesn’t work for your lifestyle or your family, maybe it’s time to consider a whole-home renovation. 

A Worthwhile Investment

A whole-home renovation gives you the chance to rip the band-aid off and fix all of the problems in your home through one coordinated renovation project. A substantial benefit to doing a whole-home renovation with MAC Renovations is the financial savings realized through economies of scale. Our design and project management teams will coordinate the construction crews to take care of multiple aspects of your renovation, minimizing the duplication of effort that might happen with a piecemeal project done over a few years, and by buying things in bulk, such as windows, flooring, and paint, we can negotiate better pricing on your behalf. We do this for all projects, but a whole-home renovation can realize more savings through the volume purchase. 

Plan For the Change

Many of our clients book a vacation so they can be out of the home while we complete their renovation. A whole-home remodel requires a longer timeline, and to ensure you enjoy the process, we recommend you find alternative accommodations for the duration of your renovation. While it’s possible to stay home during the construction process, it will typically lead to lengthy schedules and a massive interruption of your normal life. Renting a temporary space will help you and your family enjoy the renovation experience, and the reveal when we walk you through your newly remodelled home will be that much sweeter. Whether you’re staying across town or around the world, you can keep tabs on your renovation through our online client portal, BuilderTrend

If you love your neighbourhood but hate your house, contact MAC Renovations to change your life without changing your address 

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