Choose a Team with a Track Record

Taking on a multi-family renovation project is something that only an experienced team should attempt, and even then, it needs to be well-coordinated from day one. If the team doesn’t have the right processes in place, the project can go off the rails quickly. Missed deadlines, misquotes, and mistakes all lead to expenses that eat away at your already thin margins.  

At MAC Renovations, we have over 40 years of experience working on homes in Victoria. We’ve built our reputation as a team you can trust because we create a comprehensive plan and then stick to it. 

Clear Communications

One of the features our commercial clients say they love about us is the way we handle the communications between the various agencies involved in their projects. We work with the strata council to understand the building requirements and rules and the regional inspection and bylaw officials for permits and licensing. And then, we share what we’ve learned with the construction crews to ensure everyone understands what is allowed — and what isn’t — during the construction project.  

Clear communication keeps everyone on the same page and minimizes aggravations, altercations, and interruptions. To learn more about the commercial projects we’re working on with local developers, please contact our project management team.  

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