Planning for Perfection 

Whether you’re looking at a small bathroom renovation or updating your whole home, we take the same approach at MAC Renovations: plan the work, work the plan. We’ve built processes and relationships over the past four decades of home renovations in Victoria to help us consistently deliver excellent quality on time and on budget. Every time. 

Our Project Management Process

We use a five-step project management process to reliably deliver high-quality home renovations to homeowners throughout Greater Victoria. It doesn’t matter if we’re lifting a house in James Bay, building an addition in View Royal, or updating an ensuite bathroom in Central Saanich; we follow the same process every time to ensure everything is done right from the start. And since we document everything in BuilderTrend, our project management tool, you can see what’s happening in your home whether you’re downtown or on the other side of the world. 


1. Initiation 

This is where we work with you to learn your goals, share our ideas, and lay the foundation for your home renovation in Victoria.  

2. Planning

This phase is where we turn your dream into a reality – creating the sketches and plans that will come to life throughout your project, as well as identifying the key people who will be working with you, developing a budget for the materials required and a timeline for each phase of your project.  

3. Execution 

Here’s where the hammer meets the nail.  In this stage, we could be removing walls, replacing floors, adding electrical, installing plumbing, and all of the construction components required to complete your home renovation. 

4. Monitor 

The monitoring phase and the execution phase are hand-in-glove. We consistently and clearly communicate with our crews to see where they are in the project, what they’ve learned, what needs to be done, and who is going to do it. This constant communication allows us to avoid surprises and stay on target.  

5. Project Closeout

This is the final mile, where we’ll walk you through the completed renovation and show you what we’ve done. Our goal is to have a no-punch punch-list (meaning nothing left to do other than celebrate the finished project with you) 

The MAC Renovation Difference

When you choose us, we’ll start with a conversation to understand your needs and wants, and then we’ll schedule a no-obligation consultation to learn more about your home. Before anything happens, you’ll have a comprehensive contract — in writing — that covers everything your project needs, from nails to crews to permits, and a defined timeline, so you’ll know what is happening on any given day, who will be doing it, and when it’ll be finished. And if you have questions, your dedicated project leader is there for you from the start until the end, working with you to ensure your project is done right every step of the way.  

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