Buy With Confidence 

As you scour the listings available in Victoria, it’s unlikely that you’ll see the absolutely perfect home for you and your family. Instead, you might find the right house, but the wrong community, or the right neighbourhood, but nothing that truly fits your wants and needs. In many cases, you’ll find a house that’s almost right, and with a little renovation, it could be perfect.  

 An Unbiased Opinion 

Your buying agent is an expert at finding a home and facilitating the sale, and they don’t get paid until you’ve bought something, so they’re motivated to get you into a deal as quickly as possible. They are rarely experts in the current building code for the different communities of Victoria, and they may suggest solutions that may or may not be possible. It’s easy to say that a house is ‘suite-ready’ – but if the community doesn’t permit it, or the layout won’t accommodate the plumbing and electrical changes, you’re walking into a world of woe.  

With our pre-purchase consultation, we work for you. We’ll review your property and discuss the potential challenges and opportunities, and help you determine a rough budget for the work you want completed. Investing in our two-hour consultation can save you tens of thousands and frustration by examining the property to determine if what you want done is even possible. With over forty years of experience in home renovation in Victoria, we’re pretty good at assessing a property to determine its true potential. 

Augment Your Inspection 

The MAC Renovations pre-purchase consultation is not a home inspection. Your home inspector will look at the existing components of the property you’re considering, like the fireplace, electrical, roof, plumbing, and other aspects that might affect your decision to purchase. Our consultation looks at a potential alteration in a  house you’re not familiar with. We know things like zoning requirements, current building code, hazardous material concerns, and supply availability, which all factor into what a potential renovation might involve.  

If you’re considering a home purchase in Victoria and would like to know how your new space can go from almost-perfect to OMG, our pre-purchase consultation can set you up for success before you commit to buying your soon-to-be dream home. Contact us to learn more about scheduling a walkthrough for your future home.  

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