10 Kitchen Must-Haves from MAC Designer, Azucena Saavedra


When planning a kitchen design, there are many things to think about, such as functionality, material selections, and storage. Here are some of our top ten must-haves for kitchen renovations in Victoria:

  1. Cabinets to the ceiling – Using L risers and the right crown moulding help with levelling with the ceiling and creating a more finished look to the kitchen.
  2. Hidden appliances – Have you seen a kitchen where the appliances, like dishwashers or fridges, aren’t visible? They’re still there, but they are panel-ready, which means they are meant to be covered by a kitchen door to match the rest of your kitchen and appear as if they are not even there!
  3. Pantry –Regardless of the size of your kitchen, the pantry should be incorporated into your organized, functional kitchen design, whether it’s in the kitchen or a separate room. Pro tip: Accessibility is also important when it comes to pantries. Why not add some roll-outs?
  4. Microwave drawer – whether its a microwave drawer or a regular microwave, placing it in a base cabinet declutters your countertop space and keeps it out of eye-level.
  5. Display areas –How better to showcase your kitchen than incorporating open shelves and glass doors in your design? Showcase your kitchen MAC Renovations
  6. Hardware –Cabinet pulls and knobs can be overlooked, but they are the jewelry of your kitchen: do it right!
  7. Backsplash – Backsplashes allow for a tidier look and faster clean up, and they’re a great way to use this area to personalize your kitchen.
  8. Lighting –Layered lighting is the goal: from ambient lights like pot lights and task lights to accent lights, always use dimmers – you won’t regret it!
  9. Countertops –Choose from laminate, quartz or natural stone, and a newer product becoming more popular these days: porcelain. I find it has a closer look to natural stone than quartz while having more durability
  10. OrganizationMAC kitchen renovations - inserts that work I use kitchen inserts wherever possible. It helps keep your kitchen organized, and for those who have a bit of OCD, like me, everything has its place!

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